What is Futsal?

Brazil's Skill Game for Footballers                   

Futsal is widely viewed as the ideal skill-building environment for producing technically exciting football players.

With particular emphasis on the skills of passing, dribbling, close control & shooting.

It does not compete with football but serves to enrich it.


Futsal is Brazil’s little secret.

It is football in it’s purest form.

Futsal is one of the best starts for kids.

Brazilian kids typically grow up playing the fun, all-action game of Futsal until the age of 14 years.

They develop amazing skills, technique & understanding of the game before they decide to play

outdoor football.


Brazil are the 6 times World Futsal Champions.


What SUPERStARS started with FUTSAL?


Special Brazilian Low Bounce Ball

Futsal (pronounced 'foot cell') is 5 v 5 Brazilian indoor football  - Futebol de Salao in Portuguese.

Futsal is played indoors or outdoors on a small courts (basketball size) and has an emphasis on skill over power.

Futsal is FIFA’s 5-a-side indoor football game. A specially designed, smaller, heavier, low bounce Brazilian ball is used.

The low bounce Futsal ball spends more time on the floor which is excellent for the development of a young players skill,

technique & close ball control. A heavier ball means a player has to use their skill rather than the ball’s bounce to propel it.

Quickly Builds Confidence, Technique, Skills & Understanding

As a small sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they must improvise and find solutions to the

pressures of limited space. Players are literally forced to use proper close control & passing techniques, playing with their

heads up and inventing skills, wonderful dribbles & feints to survive.

In Futsal you touch the ball nearly twelve times or 1200% more than playing outdoor football. More opportunities on the ball quickly builds confidence, technique & skills.
Slide tackles are prohibited which encourages better close control & passing in tight spaces and makes it a far safer & enjoyable game to play.

Futsal is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, pinpoint passing and constant movement into new space. The speed of play is such that you are forced to make quicker technical and tactical decisions.


Versatile Players

Compared to outdoor football Futsal creates more versatile players. Players have to perform different roles in a game because of the quick transition between attack and defence. In fact regaining possession (ie defending) is a fun, rewarding part of the game.


  • Is a complete skill-game
  • Develops skills, close control & technique in limited spaces
  • Enhances understanding of the game
  • Gives players lots of touches on the ball
  • Involves many opportunities to score goals
  • Creates more versatile players
  • Fun, fast & exciting to play


How is Futsal different from outdoor football?

The rules of the game are similar to 11 v 11 football with certain modifications to allow for the reduced space.

Here is brief comparison of Futsal and Football rules:



Size 5 Ball  (68-70 cm)

Size 2, 3, 4 Ball 

11 players

5 players

3 substitutions

Unlimited “flying” substitutions



Main referee & 2 assistants (linesmen)

Main referee & assistant referee

Running clock operated by referee

Stopped clock operated by timekeeper

45-minute halves

Between 15-20 minute halves

No time-outs

1 time-out per half

Goal kicks

Goalkeeper throws ball into play

No absolute time limit to restart game

4-second rule on restarts

Offside rule

No offside rule

(Goalkeeper) 6 second rule on restarts

4-second rule to put ball back into play

Unlimited fouling

5 foul limit per half; no wall after 5 fouls from 10m spot

No substitution for player sent off

Player sent off can be substituted after 2 minutes or after opponent scores

Corner kick in area

Corner kick on corner

Unlimited playback to goalkeeper’s feet

Goalkeeper is allowed one touch until the ball crosses the halfway or touches the opposition

Some contact, slide tackling allowed

Light shoulder contact, No contact slides allowed